Keep your eyes peeled a bit later this summer for a series of exciting new Fredrik Bond commercials, that I had the pleasure of being the on set editor for.

Shooting in Prague, a medieval masterpiece, I could not believe its incredibly varied locations. Editing during filming was an absolute dream; there is so much enjoyment helping the edit come together fresh off the cards. The job was made even better by the skill and hard work of my assistant, Matt Pochettino from Marshall St Editors.

Next a trip to Venice Beach where I continued working on the spots for one of my mentors Patric Ryan, in a super cool house on Palms Bvld. After a week of take-outs from Gjelinas and delving into the imagination of Fredrik and the talented David & Becky from the Mill, I clicked my heels and find myself slightly jet lagged and dazed, back in London ready for my next editing adventure!